Thursday, February 25, 2010

Rosemary Redundancy

I'm terrible at clever titles, so I really ought to stop trying. >_>;;;

Anyyyway, this commonality in this batch of recipes is...ROSEMARY.  mmmm.  very...fragrant.  yeah.  kinda minty.  often featured in scalp washes.  but uhh that's not what I used my $2.69 (+tax!!) little .75 oz (not even a full ounce!!) box of the herb (no, not that kind of herb) for.

1) Rosemary Bread - this was the main reason I bought rosemary.  I reeeally wanted to try baking bread from scratch, this recipe had pretty decent reviews and a nice picture (yeah, photos really can matter), so..I did it. 8D  Probably because this was my first time baking bread (allll by myself), the results, though lovely-smelling, were kinda so-so on taste/texture levels--a little too dense, not much flavor.  Probably could've used more kneading.  In all honesty, it was mediocre, and one of my first thoughts was: "I'll stick to store-bought".  It did make really good toast, though (like on reviewer on allrecipes mentioned, haha..).  Less of a sandwich bread, far more suited to soup-dipping.  Which leads rather nicely into...
2) Creamy Potato with Rosemary Soup - AHHHH.  it was good.  (need I say more?  not really, but I will, hahaha.)  I eventually might also add it to a possible post, perhaps titled "Adventures in Immersion Blending: Going Outside the Canister".  Or I might never write that post.
Anyway, this soup is awesomely-amazingly thick and creamy.  it's kind of like liquidy (in the best way possible) mashed potatoes.  I happen to like mashed potatoes, so this really worked for me. :P  It's a bit of a fatty, starchy soup, though (well yeah, "creamy", duh), and time-consuming to make; I'd use it again for a special occasion.
note: expect more potatoes in future posts.  I bought a 10-lb bag of them, on sale, at Safeway for $0.99.  Less than a week later, 5-lb bag is for $3-4.  :)
3) Rosemary Lemon Cookies - most delicious shortbread I've been able to bake. probably thanks to an excellent recipe.  ^o^  The only thing I did differently from the instructions was to add half a teaspoon of peppermint extract (was going to use it for peppermint bark, but never got around to it with finals and all...).  There's still one more log in the freezer, so maybe I'll have more cookies to enjoy (with half the effort!) in a week or two~~

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